I’m so sadden…..

I was able to enjoy this beautiful song on UTube that was posted on Amy’s blog today.  Now, the naive person that I am, really never explored UTube before.  My dh has repeatedly commanded that my boys will not be viewing anything on UTube.  Now, I truly understand why.  Please read the comment that was written by a 14 year old boy.  This truly breaks my heart.

Please, Please pray for this boy that someone will come in his path and show him who is the creator of everything good.  We must make a difference in this world.  Do not give up hope.

One response to “I’m so sadden…..

  1. I think the sadder part is there are many more of him in this world. It seems to be where it is going and it is scary, for them as well as for us. We do need to pray.

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