American Christian History ~ How well do you know our countries background?

Today is the first day of the American Christian History study taking place over at PrincipleMom.  Each day she will be discussing parts of the 2 books, Christian History of the Consitition and the Teaching and Learning American Christian History.  Even if you don’t own these fascinating reads, you still will be amazed about what you didn’t know about how our Christian nation came about.  If you were taught history in a public school or you have a college degree in History, I can almost guarantee that you are missing many providential information leading up to and pertaining to our consitition. God had a plan.  It saddens me that this nation was founded on biblical principles and now today the government is talking about taking the word God off of our money. American doesn’t want to offend anybody.  How sweet!  PLEEEZZZZZ!   Don’t get me started.  Just check out PrincipleMom and enjoy the marvelous hand God had in forming our country.

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