Home Education week ~ Friday

What do my kiddos think about their education…..

Bruiser(11) ~ says….”I don’t like math, but I think I need to know it so I can buy stuff.  I like literature depending on what book I am reading, I do like bible and I am really learning about God.  Homeschool is more fun and easier than public school.  I would say I learn a lot more at home because I don’t have to do a lot of workbooks.  Mommy doesn’t like workbooks she rather read us a book and have us narrate.  I always have to listen because I never know if she is going to make me narrate the lesson.   I do think that I am smart.”

Doodle Bug(almost 10) says…..” I like homeschool because I don’t have to wake up at 6am and go to school.  I don’t like math, but I need to know it so I can count my money.  I like going to co-op where I learn the piano and I get to build cool stuff with legos.  I like notebooking because it is so much easier than taking a test.  I do school everyday and on Thursdays we have a play date with another homeshool family.  Sometimes I even get to do math on the computer.  I like reading my nature reader to my teacher, my mom.  Homeschool is better than public school because we get to play outside earlier than kids in  the public school in the afternoons.  Also, I like reading my bible and doing Just Write everyday.

Doobie(almost7)says….”  I don’t really like math or phonics, but I love to read.  It is fun. I like my notebook of all my work.  I have a lot things in it. I write everyday in my notebook.  Well, not everyday, not on Sundays or Saturdays because Daddy is home. Some stuff is easy.  Thinking Skills is really, really easy.  My mommy is my teacher.  She likes to read to me.  I am reading my Bugs,Bugs, Bugs book.   My favorite thing about home school is that we can go to the Home school Pot Luck.

Zeke E Boy(3) says….”  I like to paint, play legos, and read books.”

Ryland(1) says…” I like to eat crayons when no one is looking!”

Read what other home school kiddos have to say about their education at The Principle Discovery.


5 responses to “Home Education week ~ Friday

  1. *snort*
    Eating Crayons….LOL!

    That was cute!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I think they understand that math is important, even if they don’t enjoy it. 🙂 And my 3-year-old still eats crayons. What is up with that?

  3. OMG! I have a 1 yr old named Ryland… who also loves to eat crayons! Wow!

  4. This is SO inspiring to me, Jill! Thanks for doing this series on Homeschooling. It helps with a lot of questions that I have. What you said about the crayons is hilarious! That’s my Lily, for sure!! :o)

    ~Love, Julie

  5. Crayons must contain some unknown vitamin or something, kids just can’t stay away from them…

    Oh! PS I totally linked you on my blog as faves! the URL is in my Wesbite info above

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