Home education Week ~ Sunday

homeeducationweek.jpgUMMMM. …….  What was life like before we took obedience from the Lord to home educate our 3 blessings.  Well, I taught at our church day school 2x’s a week and worked out at the gym every morning that I wasn’t teaching.  Physically, I was much thinner.  But spiritually, I was immature.  However, my house was much cleaner and my home interior wasn’t decorated in school attire with a huge dry erase board in my dining room, books everywhere, pencils with dull or no points on every table and my kitchen dining room was not decorated with a permanent polka dot table cloth that continues to become more colorful each year.

So, in other words, I had a calm, normal, and uneventful life!   I wouldn’t change my chosen career as a help meet to my dh, mommy, teacher, maid, and taxi to our 5 beautiful sons.  This is the life God has chosen for me and I feel extremely blessed to home educate my boys ranging from 11, almost 10, almost7, 3, and 1 year old.  It’s not very quiet around here and can be a bit crazy, but  there’s always something to journal about and memories are continue to be formed everyday.

See how boring other Mommies lives were before they they turned weird and starting to home educate their children at Principle Discovery.  LOL!


3 responses to “Home education Week ~ Sunday

  1. Hmm…I wouldn’t say my life before homeschooling was boring, but I did make my own noise. My music was loud and crazy. Now I want peaceful music to sooth the chaos. 🙂

  2. Hey, I think you have described the decorating trend of the twenty first century. At least most of the people I know I selected a similar motif!

  3. I would love your input on research I am doing on ten struggles you face as a Christian woman. Please visit my blog.

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