WFMW ~ backwards edition

Please tell me that my 2 oldest boys are not the only ones that forget don’t tend to brush their teeth and put deodorant on each day.  I DON”T get it!  I don’t want to have to remind them every single day of their lives.  I can hear it now, Honey, it’s Mom ~ don’t forget to brush your teeth and put deodorant on today.  OK ~ Just checking!  Have a good day!

Please help me convince them that this is mandatory!  What has worked for you?  wfmwsmall.jpgBTW ~ my oldest boys are 11 and almost 10.

3 responses to “WFMW ~ backwards edition

  1. Well, i don’t have any that old yet but I know what works for them is a check list. Something they look at and can mark off when finished.

  2. Girls! Girls, once they’re interested in them, make a difference, and that’s probably going to happen around 13 or so. (I say this as the mother of two boys, 14 and 17.) Of course, I drive a carpool of five 14-year-olds, and at least one of them has not yet crossed over to the clean side, based on after-school aromas. Meanwhile, I think you just have to “remind” them every morning. Maybe explaining hygeine as part of good manners would also help — with the right kid.

  3. I had a friend who made her son a morning soundtrack. He picked out the songs. One was the get out of bed and make it up song. Then the brush your teeth and get dressed song. She switched up the songs every few weeks when he seemed to be getting bored.

    The one that my boys tend to forget is washing hands after using the restroom. Someone should design a programmable watch that says “Wash your hands” every time it hears a flush.

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