My latest creations…..

Today I decided to make kitchen curtains.  I fell in love with this fabric….  Couldn’t tell you why??  I’m not a cow person usually, but  my kitchen is decorated in primary roosters, however, I am branching out into more of the farm animal theme.  So, I had a bright idea…  I could try to make curtains with this cute, cowish fabric.  So, here they are..


I printed a pattern off the internet, but decided to copy the curtains that I previously had hanging up.  I just have trouble with patterns.  I definitely am not a natural sewer to say the least.

Next, I just love sunflowers.  Since, sunflowers were popular in the early 90’s and you can’t find cute sunflower stuff, I have to make my own.  LOL!  I made a sunflower potholder and 4 sunflower coasters.   These coasters are Zeke E Boy proof, too.  So when he nails me in the head, I won’t get a concussion.


Here is the sunflower pattern that I used.

3 responses to “My latest creations…..

  1. I’m QUITE impressed!! x x mom

  2. shannonjeanette

    They look great! You made them so quickly! I love the potholder. You are gonna have to teach a crochet class sometime!

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