Happy Valentines Day


I encourage you to read Lysa’s blog today.  It really made me change my focus today.  Today we will just have fun together and just enjoy each other as a family.  It’s saddens me that I take my life for granted and the true love that is right in front of me 24/7.  I might not have the newest suburban, biggest boobs house on the block, or  the cleanest yard in the neighborhood, but I have a family that adores me.  Early this morning my 9 year old came in my bed crying and told me he had this dream.  Of course, I said, ” Oh, I’m sorry!  What was it about?”  He sobbed for about 3 minutes telling me that he dreamt that I had a heart attack.  It broke my heart to know that he really loves me and would miss me if I was gone.  If I left this world unexpectedly, would my loved ones know just how much I love them?  Ashamedly, I can’t answer that question with an honest answer.  Today and everyday forward I will go the extra mile to tell my dh and my beloved, sweet boys how much I love them.  Not just today, but everyday.  May you be encourage and blessed as I was to read this Proverb31 devotional today.


Happy Valentines today and everyday~  Thanks for being you!

~ jill



One response to “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Hey Jilbert,

    I just went back to school and had to write a paper last night about if I had 6 months to live what I would do? I talked about what you just did, that we should remind our family how much we love them everyday. Hope you’re doing well. We need to talk soon, or write.

    Love Ya, Lisa

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