WFMW ~ organizing games

This is more of a WILL work for me Wednesday.  wfmwsmall1.jpgI came up with this idea after co-teaching in our gaming class during our home school co-op.  You know, they just don’t make game boxes like they used to.  The corners are always crushing causing all the game pieces to fall out and disappear.  Also, if your family loves games and has just about every game available and lacks the space…..Then, this plan will work for you.  You haven’t seen my huge disastrous game closet, yet.  We have a sign posted saying….Beware…..Open at your own risk.  Hard Hat required.

So, here is the brilliant organizing tip….

1.  go to dollar store and purchase 1 or 2 well sized plastic crates or baskets ~ whatever suits your fancy.  Invest in sandwich size zip lock plastic baggies.

2. Place all pieces of each game in a ziplock baggy ~ label with sharpie.  Note…1 baggie per game or this could result in a migraine.

3.  Use a label maker or masking tape to label the back of the playing boards.

4.  Stack all boards on top of each other and place all baggies with playing pieces in the plastic container or baskets.

Talk about saving space or what….Also, no more broken game boxes..

So, that is my brilliant idea for this week…..  Now, I need to practice what I preach and go the the dollar store and purchase some plastic containers.

For more WFMW visit Don’t try this at home.

7 responses to “WFMW ~ organizing games

  1. I did this with most of our games a while back & it has been great. We saved a ton of space & it’s no hassle at all to find what we need. It’s a wonderful idea.

  2. This is a great idea! I’m totally going to try this. :0) Thanks!

  3. I TOTALLY love this idea!!!!!

  4. I wanted the game containers from the Container store but this is a good, cheaper second option. Thanks!

  5. I heard this idea a few years ago at a MOPS talk. I haven’t done it, but I’m tempted to! Hate those broken boxes!

  6. love your idea………..thanks for sharing.

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