Monday Meandering ~ Feb 11th

mondaymeandering21.jpgBible/Devotion ~ Continue working with my devotional, David.  It’s so good.  Also, I am making it a point to stop, pray, and breathe before I jump off the nearest bridge when Satan attacks.  LOL!  We had a very stressful week last week.  But, I do know everything happens for the glory of God.  As hard as it may seem.

Just gotta do ~ homeschool co-op, take Doobies to speech, pay utilities bill, attend Valentine craft/social, decide what we need as far as books for next school year so I can post on my paperbackswap wish list, exercise 3x this week, mail books, complete everything on Motivated Moms chore list.

Train Em up ~ continue with our Brotherly Love Checklist, cleaning the boys disastrous room with this incentive plan,  enforcing table manners.

Handi-work ~ crochet slippers, work on apron, mend pj pants, and make spring napkins.

Menu Plan ~ no particular order ~ all my meals were planned by shopping at home first!  That’s my new motto!

spaghetti, garlic bread, green salad

Meatloaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes

Mexican Mash, Mexican rice, chips and salsa

Stew with potatoes and carrots and cornbread

Spaghetti pie ~ didn’t make from last week

This week we have a new rule ~ No cereal except on Saturdays ~

Our new Weekly Breakfast Menu ~

Monday ~ crock pot oatmeal and fruit

Tuesday ~ waffles

Wednesday ~ orange Smoothies with cinnamon toast

Thursday ~ crock pot oatmeal with fruit

Friday ~ poached eggs on toast~ the boys love this!!!

3 responses to “Monday Meandering ~ Feb 11th

  1. Menu sounds yummy! Have a blessed week!

    Your friend,

  2. I’ve never heard of crock pot oatmeal. Cool! We eat a lot of that here. I love your stop, drop, and roll technique. LOL Have a blessed day!

  3. yestheyareallmine

    Love your meandering and menu monday!

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