Monday Meandering ~ Feb 4th


Bible/Devotion ~ I am still working on David by Beth Moore.  I am really enjoying it.  On Saturdays I am reading Clean My Heart and memorizing the weekly scripture.

Must Do ~ My whole house needs to be cleaned on Tuesday for Keno.  Then on Wednesday, I will continue with Motivated Moms.

~  create and organize crochet notebook ~ yes, I have to have a place for all the fun free  patterns I  have found on the net. (check blogroll for a crochet patterns)

~  Order pics from Shutterfly.

~   take Doobies to speech

~   homeschool co-ops starts this week

~   Take my baby to his 1 year old drs appointment ~ ):

~  The boys have a play date this week with another homeschool family

~  prepare for Valentines party

~  Exercise at least 3x this week.

Train EM up ~ We need to work on cleaning and organizing their rooms.  Their space is limited and the 2 oldest are junk collectors.  Yikes!  I don’t want to throw away anything that is important to them, but you can’t even walk in there. Here are some suggestions that I will implement  6 Ways to declutter kids room

Also, we will continue to work on our Brotherly Offender checklist.   Lastly, I will be enforcing table manners!  This has gotten out of control during meal times!  Eating with 5 noisy boys can make you want to jump off the nearest bridge at times.   I am going to re-teach and expect my boys to have good table manners.  I will make recreate a list from these table manners.

Meal Planning

Monday ~ Spaghetti Pie, green salad, and garlic bread

Tuesday ~ It’s Keno time!  The boys will have pizza rolls

Wednesday ~ Breaded Chicken, rice, and mixed veggies with cheese sauce

Thursday ~ Jambalaya and cottage cheese with peaches

Friday ~   Raviolis , green beans, and french bread


2 responses to “Monday Meandering ~ Feb 4th

  1. Have a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing the declutter link!


  2. Have a blessed week! Your friend ~ Trina

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