Book Review ~ Passionate Housewives ~ Desperate for God

51vkxq3lfel_aa240_.jpgI can’t say enough wonderful things about this incredible book filled with encouragement and truth.  These two authors hit it right on the nose when the issue feminism arises.  The naive person that I tend to be, actually never thought that being home was a sacrifice, but more of a privilege.  I imagine I feel this way because there were about 2 years that my heart wanted to stay home with my babies, but couldn’t due to the financial predicament we had put ourselves in.  You know we had to keep up with the Jones’s.  I had a brand new Expedition and my dh had a nice truck.  We lived in a nice neighborhood and I didn’t or should I say NEVER would buy my clothes at Walmart.  And yes, by all means, I was a feminist!!  And not a christian feminist, either.  If there is such a thing!  I have grown to believe otherwise after digging deeper into scripture. Feminism is Feminism.  Satan, girlfriend, has a hayday with our attitudes ~ Anything boys can do; Girls can do better.  Well, maybe so ~ hee hee ~ but, is it biblical?  Are we truly seeking the role God has commanded us to be as a daughter of the King?   I encourage you to read this book with an open mind.  This book is for every female ~ married, single, grandmother, etc.

After you read this book, please comment and let me know your thoughts.

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