Make new family traditions this year..

I love to make fun family traditions that my children can pass down to their children and so on…  On one of my yahoo groups someone shared this link with 4 fun family ideas.  The camp-out one sounds fun to me.

Family Fun has loads of easy arts and craft ideas for every occasion. It would be fun to have an artist day.  The day or night is specifically designed to show off your artistic talents to everyone.  It could be as simple as a family collage ~ get several magazines and every family members cut out things that represent the family.

Frugal Family Fun ideas ~ oh how I used to love to go to the airport and just sit and watch the planes land.  We have a small airport in the next town that would be thrilling to visit.

Fun Family Science Ideas ~ why not make family night educational??

Also, I want us to have a Family Award Night….

A celebration to honor every member of the household.

Here’s how it works…
Pick a night that everyone will be home and
choose a special meal that the entire family can participate in.
Pizza and ice cream sundaes are a favorite for most!
Beforehand, ask everyone to decorate a piece of paper one
for each member of the family. Write what makes that person
a valuable member of the family or what makes them special.
“Alex’s laugh brightens up the house.”
“Kara puts so much love into her care of the cat.”

On the day…Dress up for dinner, put some special music on
and for extra touches, maybe even get a few balloons.
This event is bound to be a favorite that no one will forget.
Remember pictures and lots of applause!

Here are Indoor Fun ideas, too.

And last, but not least, click here for some fun car boredom ideas if you have to travel afar to enjoy family memories.

One thing that I do try and do is put our family night on the calendar or dry erase board days in advance so our family can be anticipating our Family Fun Night.   The boys are excited and hold us accountable.

Please leave a comment and tell us what your family fun events take place in your home.


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