WFMW ~ backwards day

Today is backwards day at Rocksinmydryer.  Yippee!  So ladies, here is my million dollar question….  I want to exercise, but lack the time to go walking or to the gym because I have 5 kiddos at home all day, everyday.  I want a work out DVd that I can do at home.  What are your suggestions?  Any other tips would be helpful, too.  Walking isn’t an option since my dh leaves before sunset and comes home after dark. So, please help me to be slim and trim.

9 responses to “WFMW ~ backwards day

  1. I have had this dilemma too and recently found a “Mom and Tot” workout at the local library. If you are anything like me after having 5 kids, not only do you NOT have time or energy to make it to a gym but you also lack coordination to do “fast paced” workouts. I really like the “Mom and Tot” because its slower and the exercises are realistic to keep up with. You can find it here – and click “shop” – its the first thing on the page.. or if possible — the library near you may have it .

  2. I know a lot of people here like Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds. I also love Yourself!Fitness (which is on video game consoles; I do it on PS2) which has programs for weights, strength training, cardio and yoga.

  3. I love the Biggest Loser series. They are 10.00 at wal-mart and I find them to be very effective. There are two editions. Both have an option for a six week workout plan. You alternate between cardio and strength training. Once you finish the basic part there’s also a “boot camp” version. The second edition also has options for men and women… and also targeting specific body parts. The workouts last about 30 and they’re wonderful!

    Good Luck!

  4. If you like walking you could get Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone. She has many different DVDs. They are great. It’s an in home walking workout. I love them and use them a lot. There is a wide variety of levels as well. Check it out at

  5. I agree with Beth! They are the best! And you get several workouts on one dvd. Love that! Having a bit of a time crunch? Just do the one mile. AND it really reshapes your butt and thighs!

  6. I too started out with the Walk Away the Pounds series. It’s great for beginning an exercise routine. I’m totally uncoordinated to try any kind of dance or highly choreographed routine. My other starter dvd was Pilates for Dummies. I also like the Prevention dvd’s, 10 Minute Solutions dvds (I have kickboxing & pilates), and I am currently doing The Wedding Workout dvd from Women’s Health (even though I’ve been married 10 years)

  7. Depending on how intense of a workout you want, Billy Blanks Boot Camp DVDs are great. The one I do requires exercise bands that you can either buy from his website or in Wal-Mart or Target when you buy the DVD package. It’s pretty reasonable in price for what you get. But it really kicks your butt. I took about a month off from doing it and last night was my first time back and my buns and hamstrings are pretty sore! You can also do it without the bands if you just want to buy the dvd. Hope youfind something you like!

  8. I was going to suggest Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds, too! Fabulous!
    Another suggestion… we make use of Blockbuster online (kinda like NetFlix) and even though there isn’t a great selection of exercise videos in the store, online Blockbuster has lots!! I tried out several that way. (Leslie Sansone’s 2 mile walk is my favorite and I got it at Target for under $10.)

  9. I LOVE pilates and Denise Austin has a great user friendly DVD…Piliates for Every Body…it is a non-impact workout that will stenghthen your whole body. You can buy it at Target or Wal-Mart. It would be a great step to fitness! I started it when my daughter was very young and I did not want to leave her at the gym with strangers. It really kicked me into making exercise not a come and go thing but being part of my life!

    Good luck!

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