Monday Meandering ~ Jan 7th

coolclips_peop1969.jpgThank you Tiany for always hosting Monday Meandering each week.

Bible/Devotion ~ I am finishing up my Woman of Excellence study. I just love it! I will be beginning a new daily devotional study Proverbs31 on-line.

Things I gotta do ~ wait for the fireplace man to come, take Doobies to speech, celebrate Bruiser’s 11th b-day, go to Bunko, church, and attend Ladies Craft Night, and prepare for Bruiser’s big bash on Saturday.

Homemaking ~ start implementing Motivated Moms, clean boys disastrous closet, wash all the sheets, and catch up on the laundry.

Train Em Up ~ we are back in the school routine, enforcing bedtime hours, implementing the IF then chart, and we are continuing our Brotherly Offended study during our morning devotion, boys are back using their children_s_prayer_organizer-color.pdf each week and last, but not least ~ potty training Zeke E boy. YIKEESS~

Handiwork/Free Time ~ I just started to crotchet ~ I am making a basic granny square afghan for our family room, I need to finish making the cloth napkins that we use daily ~ no more paper. Also, I reading this incredible book, Passionate Housewives~Desperate for God a must for all SAHM or any young lady~ would make a wonderful bridal gift.

Prayer Request ~ Please continue to pray for our friend, brother in Christ, and soldier that has left to serve our country and a member of our homeschool group that passed away unexpectingly on New Years. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family.

Menu Plan ~

Monday ~ Mexican Lasagna, rice, and chips and salsa

Tuesday ~ grilled cheese and tomato soup ~ b-day boys request

Wednesday ~ chili with cornbread/crackers and garden salad

Thursday ~ ham, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and pears

Friday ~ eggs, sausage and biscuits, hasbrowns, and jello

Visit Laura to see what’s cookin’ over yonder! Happy week!


7 responses to “Monday Meandering ~ Jan 7th

  1. Hope you have an awesome week and get everything accomplished!!! πŸ™‚


  2. Looks like you have a fabulous week planned, I am going to check out some of the links you shared, they look interesting! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your plans with us, i hope you have a very blessed and productive week!!!


  3. The Mexican Lasagna sounds yummy. I have also added your prayer request to my prayer log. Have a blessed week.

    Your friend,

  4. Motivated moms sounds interesting, I am going to have to check that out!

    I need to get more serious about potty training my little guy, too. Thanks for the reminder. ;-P


  5. I really enjoy the game Bunko. I haven’t played in years! In fact, if you know the instructions for the game, could you give them to me? Thanks!
    I also like the children’s prayer organizer!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Jill,

    I have GOT to read “Passionate Housewives-Desperate for God” It sounds so good! :o) Thanks for all the links, I am going to check them out for sure this week!

    Blessings, Julie

  7. We love Mexican Lasagna Night & even Breakfast for Dinner too. Great week of plans for the family. Take care and thanks for the drop-by on my blog.


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