Prioritze 2008 ~ WFMW

worksformewednesday.jpgWith this New Year already in place,( where does time fly?)I am really striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman. But, with so many tasks and hats to be wear each day, it can be so overwhelming… to say the least. But, I have made a new year resolution to prioritize my week, day, months accordingly. I will not wake up feeling boggled down because I don’t know what to do first. Here is my list in order of importance….

God ~ spend my daily time with Him each morning ~ that means I better get up no later than 6 am ~ a challenge for me. Also, have my bible and devotion ready for me to open on the end table.

Husband ~ ask my husband each Sunday what he could use my help with this week. Also, I am trying to remember to ask him each morning, too.

Family/homeschool ~train, feed, bathe my5 boys ~ as well as, provide their education

Housework ~ I use motivated moms cleaning/task schedule ~ of course, I can put a load of laundry in and do a few household chores, but I am really trying to give my children my undivided attention during the school/morning hours

Ministries/Fellowship ~ this is the biggest challenge for me ~ I need to really implant the fact that my children and home are my most important ministry at this time. There is a season for everything. I usually schedule about 2-3 just mommy outings a month and try to participate in ministries that we can serve as a family. For example, preparing meals for the sick, sending cards of encouragement, and inviting others for supper we can all partake in.

Here are a few forms/Links that I use or have used… Pick what works for you

Organized Home

Household Organizer

Donna Young

I currently use this particular weekly form and post it on my fridge each week. weekly-planner.pdf

I hope this helps other Christian mothers help prioritize their 2008. See what works for other bloggy friends at Rocksinmydryer.

5 responses to “Prioritze 2008 ~ WFMW

  1. amyswandering

    You are going to love my WFMW post this week – I did it with you in mind :o)

  2. amyswandering

    AND… this is a really great priority list!!

  3. what a neat blog you have! thanks for your post! you’ve given me a few ideas!!!

  4. I made goals in most of these same categories… it really helps to realize what is and should be the most important.

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