WFMW ~ what to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays

tree2007.gifI thought this was a fabulous idea, but I admittedly haven’t tried it yet. Trim off the branches of your Christmas tree and throw them in your fire to have a wonderful pine aroma during the Winter. Store them in a basket next to your fireplace.

I read this in a wonderful book, Living a Beautiful Life by Alexander Stoddard. It has over 500 nifty ideas to make your life simple beautiful everyday. Lots of creative, great tips. Yes, Amy you can borrow it.

Go to Shannon’s to view this fun Christmas edition WFMW. Have a safe travel while celebrating the birth of our Savior.

2 responses to “WFMW ~ what to do with your Christmas tree after the holidays

  1. When I saw you reading it the other day, I didn’t realize it was a Stoddard book!! Now I reallly want to read it when you are through. LOL Great tip – I probably shouldn’t try that with our artificial one, huh?

  2. Yes, it smells wonderful … Except that pine has a lot of sap that gums up your chimney. It also can be a bit “explosive” when it’s too dry… this happened to us. Not a good thing.

    Use care when burning Christmas trees in the fire place, and always clean the chimney out before the next season, because the sap that collects in the chimney can start burning, then you have a fire coming out of the wrong end.

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