My next project…

That is if I ever finish these stockings.  I had my dear friend, Denise come over last night to help me with the cuff of the stockings.  I thought that I understood, but I guess I didn’t.  I finished 2 of them.  They look AWFULLLLLLLLL.  I am discouraged.   The simple person in me  wants to go to the dollar store and buy some cheap stockings ~ hey ~ they can’t look any uglier than the homemade ones that I tried to assemble.  My problem is that I don’t have a pattern.    So, poor patient Denise will be back tonight to give me cuff lesson #2.

But my next projext will be a sewing machine cover.  I want it to match my room and look presentable .  I have my new sewing machine on a desk in our bedroom.  We are looking for an antique sewing chair.  Here is the pattern that I think I might try.  Sewing machine cover .

Well, off to cry over my ugly stockings.  And if my 3 yr old calls them big socks again…Santa isn’t filling his big ugly sock!!!!!  I have repeatably  told him these are STOCKINGS!!!!!!!!! 


One response to “My next project…

  1. Oh Jill, you crack me up! :o) Claire is calling our stockings “socks” as well, so don’t feel bad, maybe it’s just a toddler thing?! lol. And sewing without a pattern is hard, I don’t even attempt it! :o) Hope it goes better on the 2nd go-round! Love, Julie

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