Stuff that interests me that I have found…

My dh has been off work since Wednesday, so I have had some free time to discover some really cool stuff/links…..

Beautiful Music ~ I want to get one of Abigail’s CD’s from Santa ~ you can listen to samples of her music and you will be blessed by her voice and lyrics.

Family Fun magazine ~ my favorite magazine for only 2.98 a year.

Free Printable calendars ~ ~ my dh found this for me. AWESOME ~ anything you want to know about sewing including simple questions from rookies like me and patterns.

56 free apron patterns

Tipnut ~ lots of ideas for homemakers ~ including crafts, recipes, etc.

Mrs Clause Cookbook ~ enjoy tons of free holiday recipes

The Mother at Home ~ I just read this awesome book that has encouraged me to be the mother God really wants me to be. This is online for free.

Advent Activities ~ very over whelming with tons of ideas for each day. Love it!

Old Fashioned Living 

I will be adding more sites as time permits…. 

3 responses to “Stuff that interests me that I have found…

  1. Awesome, thanks!! I needed that sewing site and advent site.

    JOYfully in Him,

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  3. What a lovely spot to visit!
    May the Lord bless you and yours in this
    wonderful season. In times such as these, it is nice to find a place with such warm and loving and inexpensive ideas…..


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