WFMW ~ Hiding Christmas gifts


Hiding gifts has never been a challenge for Santa and Mrs. Claus. We put all the gifts in trash bags in the garage. Of course, you must inform your spouse that it is not garbage. One idea to distinguish gifts rather than garbage is to use a different color bag than you usually use for garbage. We use black in our kitchen, so you might want to use white. Honestly, we just use the same old bags we always use and put them in a corner in the garage. This has worked for me for years. But, I always mark in my Christmas notebook what I have bought to avoid over buying and digging into the bags before Christmas Eve.


Rocksinmydryer has more creative ideas. Happy Thanksgiving, bloggy friends. I am so thankful for all of you.

9 responses to “WFMW ~ Hiding Christmas gifts

  1. Love the trash bag idea!!

    Thanks for coming over- this year I posted the letter on my blog and Sean at his school website. Then we emailed everyone with a short greetings and linked them to there. We did make some hard copies for older relatives that don’t use computers. We will mail these out.

    Shutterfly is free and has a great place to create collages, slideshows. You have room to write a little. Once you have an account you can email it to whomever you like. It’s nice in that if anyone (grandmas/grandpas) want a certain picture they can order it themselves for practically nothing. My husband uses shutterfly a lot and it allows you to get pretty creative. We have an account just for my side of the family where everyone posts their pictures. It’s so convenient.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is great!.

  2. One year I had a box that ended up in the garbage or salvation army or somewhere! I was so devastated. My parents use to put them in the trunk of their car. Thanks for a nice tip!

  3. We have a canoe hanging from the ceiling in our garage. It’s a perfect hiding place. I’ve also put things inside the kids’ dresser drawers (I’m serious.) Since they almost never put their clothes away, it’s a perfect spot

  4. That’s a good idea!

    We don’t have kids, so that’s really not much of an issue for us. I say much because I’m the nosy one around here. I suspect that my tall husband puts my gifts on a high shelf in the garage. I can’t reach up there unless I climb the shelves (difficult) or haul out a ladder, which is just too much bother. Really, though, I don’t look for my gifts. Much. 😉

  5. That is the best idea I have heard. Wish I knew that when my children were young.

    I always thought that my youngest child didn’t snoop until he grew up and confessed that he used to open his packages under the tree. He did such a good job that I never knew.

    I have three grown children and they have all made confessions to me about things they did when they were children. 🙂

    You will know if your children are “snoops” once they are grown and have guilty consciences. 🙂

  6. Wow, that’s good!

    My mom was the best Christmas present hider ever! To this day, I still don’t know where she hid all the gifts…

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    Peace out! Enjoy Christmas!!

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