I have been out of balance….

After reading this post today at Makingithome by Tawnya, it really made me realize that my daily schedule is so out of whack!!! Wow!

> We had a very fun, full day today for DD’s birthday. We went out to
> went shopping and they went to a sock hop for the girl scout troops in
> area. As I got home, and settled everyone in for the night, I began to
> a little panic as I considered tomorrow. There is so much to do
tonight and
> tomorrow, what do I do first? Well, I have been learning lately, that
> the right priorities and a schedule – each day can be a joy. Let me
> what I have on my plate tomorrow.
> 1. I need to create, copy, and fold the bulletin. The last two need to
> be done at the church.
> 2. I need to prepare for children’s church
> 3. I need to go grocery shopping
> 4. I need to prepare meals for my family
> 5. I need to make sure everything is in order for church
> 6. I need to be a hostess for my parents when they come to visit at
> 4:00.
> 7. I need to pack DH lunch with pretty bare cupboards.
> Now, let’s prioritize.
> 1. God First. What does this mean? Well, I want to serve God, so I
> to spend some time praying, Then He will bless my efforts and will
speak to
> my heart about what needs to be done and when. I am going to go pray
> now, and then I wlll come back and finish my list.
> 2. Husband Second: Well, I was already out of order when I did this
> first. I did my best to come up with a creative lunch that will bless
> husband at work tomorrow. God, forgive me for being out of balance.
Does he
> (DH) need me to do anything else? Yes, I need to set the coffee pot
> consider what he will eat for breakfast in the morning. OK, that’s
> 3. Children Third: Well, they of course will need ample time to get
> ready for the day. How awful for them to spend the day hurrying from
> thing to another and constantly told to hurry up. They also will need
> They need time to make sure they have everything they need for church
> Sunday. They also need me to take the time to talk with them and love
> 4. Home Fourth: Daily Routines need to be handled. It is tempting to
> get the church stuff done first, but dishes need done and the house
> picked up. I need to get some groceries for the coming week so we can
> good meals.
> 5. Other: Children’s Church and Bulletin fall here.
> Now that I have it ordered, I can make my schedule:
> 7 am – Get up, Morning Routine (me and girls) Muffins for breakfast,
> extra for a snack.
> 8:30 am Leave to go grocery shopping
> 11:00 am Return home, put groceries away
> 12:00 pm Lunch and lunch routine – frozen pizza – while that is
cooking get
> everything in order and by the door for tomorrow (Sunday school books,
> bibles, clothes out etc.)
> 1:00 pm Prepare bulletin – kids can play or watch tv, make sure meat
> thawed
> 2:00 pm Go to church to copy and fold bulletin – kids help
> 3:00 pm Return home, Start dinner (fajitas and spanish rice – cut meat
> marinade, make rice)
> 4:00 pm Parents come, visit with them and be a good host
> 6:00 pm Finish Dinner preparations (cook meat and veggies, reheat
> 7:00 pm Eat, Evening Routine
> 9:00 pm Bedtime routine – Just have kids practice Christmas program,
> preparations needed
> Well, off to bed so I can get some rest!
> Tawnya

I am so guilty of not having my priorities straight or should I say God’s priorities for me in right order. Thanks Tawnya for helping me get it right. I constantly need a reminder. Hey ~ where does bloggin’ fit in? Gotta go work for the Lord!!!


2 responses to “I have been out of balance….

  1. Good luck with all of that!

  2. This is SO convicting, Jill! Glad you shared this with us, I need it! :o) Now off the computer so I can get my priorities straight!

    Love and Prayers,


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