Look what I’m making…

I found this cute apron pattern surfing blogs the other night. So, I decided to try to make one for myself. Now, my sewing machine that I got at a garage sale for 15.00 is a 1954 Montgomery Ward model. I do believe that is the year it was born. Still works like a charm. I made several mistakes, but that would be operator error plus I am a rookie ~ to say the least. I bought cheap thread and it kept breaking….UGH….. So Jill’s sewing rule #1 is ~ DO NOT buy thread on the dollar rack unless you want a headache. So, in order for me to finish this cute reversible apron, I must buy some more black thread tomorrow.


Here is a better picture of the Mary Engelbreit fabric that I chose. I wanted it to be cutsie and girlie, well since, I am a girl and all.


I love the style of this apron, but I really can’t comprehend to this day the real purpose behind them??? Do you? I always splatter grease or whatever on my shirt. So, how is this cute apron really going to prevent me from grease stains???




2 responses to “Look what I’m making…

  1. Angela (Amy's sis)

    Just an FYI, Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics put their thread on sale half price every couple of months. I do a lot of sewing, so I try to stock up once or twice a year. Cute apron by the way!

  2. When I’ve worn the 1/2 type apron & I’m afraid I’ll splash my top, I tie it above my chest/boobs. Dumb, but does the trick.

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