Homemade with love 2007 ~ clipboards

You have gotta go check out KissesofSunshine for loads of homemade gift ideas.  This is the second year she is hosting Homemadewithlove.  Check out all the ideas from last year, too.  Cool, huh!

I made these last year for everybody ~ I customized them to fit each individuals interest. I think they were a big hit! Very inexpensive ~ especially if you are one of those obsessed scrapbook queens.


First, go to Walmart and buy a .99 basic clipboard in the office supply section.

2. Decide on a theme ~ use stickers, scrapbook paper, and acrylic paint.

3. Paint entire clipboard with acrylic paint except for the metal part. Let Dry. Might want to add second coat. Since, I am impatient I used my blow dryer to speed up the drying time.

4. Decide if you want to use some scrapbook paper or not. This clipboard I did not, but when I do, I usually leave a border so the paint will show. Then I use Mod podge on both sides.

5. Add stickers or die cuts if you want

6. Then I use Mod podge on both sides. PLEASE NOTE ~ put on very very light ~ if you put it on too thick it will bubble up the paper. Let dry.

7. Then you can add any sort of doo dad. I added sticky notes ~ apply with gorilla glue.

8. I add ribbon, yard, fuzzy stuff or whatever I have to decorate the metal clip part. Then, I add a pen and tie it with string/yarn to the metal part.

I must admit this clipboard is by far not the most creative one I have made. It was very simple. The creative ideas are enormous ~

These are just a few that I made the last year..

Teacher one ~ with teacher theme

Army theme

basketball theme

baby shower theme

bug theme one

Texas theme

All you homeschool carschool Moms that have clipboards in your car for each one of your children ~ these are perfect. OK ~ since you never do school other than at the kitchen table everyday on schedule then maybe you could make them for your friend’s kiddos that aren’t as punctual or organized as you. LOL!!!!!

2 responses to “Homemade with love 2007 ~ clipboards

  1. Wow would be a great teachers gift, love your picture.

  2. how doyou scrapbook around the clip??

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