I have been so blessed…..

I have been so, so, so blessed by this Fall Give-Away. I have been a grand winner several times. I am so so excited. I rarely buy myself anything so this is like Christmas for me. First, I must thank Superpaigespad for these cool workout videos. ww.jpg

I have been wanting lazy about getting some sort of exercise in my weeks. So, now I have no excuses. Hooray!

Second, believe it or not, I won the 50.00 amazon gift certificate generously given by Lana. I actually lost sleep over this one trying to debate whether or not I should use if for Christmas presents or to buy myself books that I have been wanting. I came to the selfish conclusion that I needed these books. So, I woke up and spent the gift certificate and then some on these reads…

The Mother at Home

Passionate Housewife Desperate for God

The CompleteTightwad Gazette

The Homemaker

The Way Home:Beyond Feminism Back to Reality

Created to be His Help Meet

Third, I just love cookbooks and trying new recipes. I won all these cookbooks donated by Alaina cookcooks.jpg . How cool is that?? Can’t wait to try out some new eats. Yes, Of course, I will post the recipes. (:

Fourth, I won a book, The Contemplative Mom written by the author named Ann Kroecker. I am so excited to read this book. I just love to read stuff about how to become closer to God and maintain my duties of a homeschool momma of 5 sweet boys. Check out Ann’s website and read what her first published book is about. bookwon.jpgI’m sure we all can relate to finding God in the midst of our busy day as a homemaker.

Fifth, I won handmade pot holders and some tea. Ginger is very talented. You must visit her and she all her goodies and meet her bird. I love that bird…. He knows how to pick the right number out of the bowl. LOL! I love tea and anything homemade! Yipee!

I encourage you to spend some time being blessed by each of these kind and thoughtful sisters blogs and be sure to tell them that they picked the right number for their give-a-ways. LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lana, Ann, Alaina, Ginger, and Paige for blessing me with all these wonderful gifts. Can you tell that I am so so excited!!!!! Hey, is there a Winter Give-Away???????


5 responses to “I have been so blessed…..

  1. WOW! I’m glad you won. Last time I spent a lot of time entering and didn’t win a single prize. I was discouraged this year and only entered a couple. Sounds like I need to be more diligent next time around.

    How many do you think you entered?

  2. You are welcome to park those books at my house as soon as you get through reading them! i know how you hate clutter :o)

  3. Wow! You were blessed!

  4. Oh my goodness–you are one lucky lady! I sent the WW videos today. They went Media Mail since I am cheap, so look for them in about 7-10 days.

  5. Congrats on your wins! I think I saw on the site that there will be another Bloggy Giveaway carnival in Jan. or Feb.

    I own Created to Be His Helpmeet and find it challenging and encouraging. Every time I reread it, God convicts me in new ways and opens my eyes to more ways I can grow.

    I also have The Way Home. It was the 1st book I read, 6 years ago, that changed my feminist mind and heart toward being home and having children. Our first DD was conceived the next cycle after I read that book. If you like The Way Home, there’s a sequel along the same lines called All the Way Home, but whereas it was the first time I had heard that stuff, it’s probably old news to you. Lots of encouragement on daily things for being a godly wife & mom, guidance in deciding whether to homeschool, etc.

    I bet your readers would like a book report from the books you ordered with your winnings.

    Congrats again! 🙂

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