Monday Menu Plan ~ Oct 29

k-pum1.gifI had such a busy week last week that I didn’t get to several of our meals. So, here’s what is on our meal plan this week. And by the grace of God, we will be having these meals..

Dinner #1 ~Cheeseburger Soup, crackers, and salad

Dinner #2 ~Anniversary Chicken, rice, and broccoli

Dinner #3 ~Homemade Pizza and blueberry jello salad

Dinner #4 ~Quick Chicken Divan, apple sauce, and carrots

Dinner #5 ~Haven’t decided yet what I will making for our homeschool potluck dinner. Will post later.

Thank you, Laura, for hosting Monday Menu Plan each week. I love to get new recipes and dinner ideas.


3 responses to “Monday Menu Plan ~ Oct 29

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  2. Oh YUM!! Sounds like a great menu!! Hoping this week is a slower week for you and get around to making all that you have planned.

  3. Sounds like another yummy menu plan, Jill! Hope you get to follow your plan this week, I know how that goes!



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