Time Travel Tuesday ~ Oct 23


This week Annie wants us to share our…..

What’s the most serious accident or illness you have ever had?
Tell us about it!


Honestly, I have been fortunate that I have never had a close to death accident or illness. My guardian angel has been watching over me. But, I do have a kinda funny illness that happen to me. Well, funny it wasn’t, however, it was very painful. The timing was very amusing ~ God does have a sense of humor, I must say. My dh was laid off from his job, and to make a long story short we were unemployed for 11 months. All I can say is that God was in control and that whole ordeal was part of His wondrous plan. Anyways, we were visiting in Houston(my parents live there) celebrating a friend’s daughters birthday. The party was Sat night and I started feeling sick to my stomach and had this horrendous pain in under my ribs. I barfed and barfed and didn’t sleep all night. So at about 5 am, I decided to take benedryl just to knock me out. I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I walked into my parents bathroom and passed out. Got up, and told my mom that I was really sick. She said “Jill, just go to bed! Maybe we should call life flight ~ ha ha , I honestly thought that sounded like a good idea. Anyways, I managed to get back up and told my dh that I think that something is major wrong with me and I think I better go to the hospital. Oh ~ did I tell you my dh finally got a job and was to start his first day on Monday back in Dallas??? We are in Houston and my dh has to be at his first day of work tomorrow. Come to find out that I had to get my gallbladder removed and was in the hospital until Wednesday in Houston. My dh wanted to stay with me during the surgery. I refused and made him go back to Dallas with the boys, so he could start his new job that we prayed for 11 months. He brought the boys to work with him the first few days. Great first impression. My parents brought me home to Dallas after my hospital stay. Funny timing, huh!!! Really, I was laughing at the whole situation.


8 responses to “Time Travel Tuesday ~ Oct 23

  1. Glad it was easily fixed, gallbladders can cause a lot of agony. God puts us in situation like that to test us to see how much we will trust and rely on him to provide. We experienced it last December when my dh broke and dislocated his ankle 1 week before I went on maternity leave. I ended up with a c-section so I had to be out a couple weeks longer than we had planned, and DH was out of work for 4 months. God did provide!

  2. Aren’t moms compassionate?? Gallbladders are painful!

  3. Wow, that sounds really painful!

  4. UGH Gallbladders.. they do make you feel like you are going to die. I had my 1st attack while I was PG with my youngest.. and they said I was too far in my PG to remove it safely. The baby was too big to remove it with just the 3 or 4 cut way. They would have to cut me wide open and risk the baby to have it removed there was no way any of us was willing to do that, so we waited months and months of me being sick and in pain waiting out my Pregnancy I’ll stop here or this will get long.. but it was awful AWFUL I did get it removed 5 week after the baby was born. But not without getting extreamly sick and having a stone caught in the common bile duct and a long hospital stay(it is the story I was talking about towards the end of my ttt post today.)

    Great TTT

  5. I had my gallbladder out, too — the old-fashioned way before laparscopic surgery. Those gallbladder attacks were awful!! I’m glad everything worked out with your husband’s job.

  6. Good for you that you were able to keep your sense of humour! Wow, I bet your husband hated to leave you there. Glad you didn’t have other serious stuff.
    Blessings, Barbara

  7. What a story! You have the best attitude! 🙂

  8. UGH! Gallbladder! The worst pain of my life; worse than childbirth! I had to stay in the hospital a long almost two weeks with pancreatitis and jaundice (I had a stone in my common bile duct, too) and I was lucky that it went back up on its own. I was nearly 5 months pregnant before they took it out and I had the blocked duct at 5 weeks pregnant, so I was VERY ill for a LONG time! This comment is becoming a novel, just wanted to say that you had a great attitude about it all, it was a VERY emotional and trying time for me and I regretfully did not handle it in the best way!


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