Thankful Thursday ~ Oct 18th


Thankful Thursday is one of my favorite days… I get to think about all my special blessings that I have encountered during the week. I am so thankful for…..

How patient God is ~ He waited and waited for me to make Him my savior. He kept being persistent when I was turning my head toward the devil.

Our bunco group that met for the first time this past Monday night. We all had so much fun being silly and being sisters in Christ. I can’t wait until next month.

My beautiful house that God has blessed us with. It might not be the cleanest or the biggest in the neighborhood, but it is our home where we can serve the Lord. There’s no place like home.

For God’s word ~ It’s so inspiring to be able to read and hear the Holy Spirit talk to me each morning. How His word starts my day uplifting instead of in the dungeon. I have to admit He is the only way that I have managed to survive 5 rumbunctious boys at home all day. LOL!

He bears my worries ~ AMEN! He takes off the chains that are around my neck that causing me to worry. All I have to do is ask Him and believe His word. He is in control and knows what I need. How comforting!

HIStory ~ oh, how we can learn so much from the people of the past. It starts from the day Adam and Eve chose to disobey and so on… I love teaching history to my children.

There is always, always something for me to be thankful for. I must find the joy that God brings to me each day. Have a great weekend! Stingmyheart is hosting thankfulthursday, again.


6 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ Oct 18th

  1. May God always bless you sweetly.

  2. I love the “he bears my worries” I needed that today,Jill. Thank you for reminding me!



  3. What a beautiful thanks…so sweet and fresh! God Bless you but what is a “bunco group?”


  4. What a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Indeed God is so patient with us. Thanks for this list you inspire me. And reminded me to be thankful for the roof on my head to cushion me from harsh weather.(BTW, I didn’t have my TT post this week but I am making the rounds all the same)

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