WFMW ~ Easiest Pumpkin Dip


pumpkin-dip.jpgLast night I hosted Mom’s Night Out for our homeschool group. Everyone was to bring a Fall dish with the recipe. I decided to make or try to make Pumpkin Pie Fudge. For whatever reason, it didn’t turn out. I think because the South is just too darned humid! Anyways, in a panic, I had to find something quick, easy, and fall festive. I made this yummy dip. It took about 2 minutes and it was a hit. So, glad that my fudge was a disaster!

Easy Pumpkin Dip ~ that your kids will even love..

1 16 oz cool whip, 1 small instant vanilla instant pudding( I used sugar-free), 15 oz can of pumpkin, and 1 t of pumpkin pie spice

In large bowl, mix together all ingredients. Chill until ready to indulge! I served it with cinnamon graham cracker sticks, but I know it would be yummy with apples.


Rocks in my dryer has many other great ideas. Happy Fall!


8 responses to “WFMW ~ Easiest Pumpkin Dip

  1. I have a similar recipe, I took it to my book club last year. It is soooooo good with granny smith apple slices! Like little apple pies.

  2. That sounds great–I’m a sucker for anything Pumpkin! Did you serve it in a little hollowed-out pumpkin?

  3. I love anything pumpkin!! My family looks forward to pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pupmkin pie, and pumpkin smoothies every year!!

  4. Is that an 8 oz. cool whip? Can’t wait to give it a try!

  5. ooooo! I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!!!

  6. wow that sounds great. perfect for a fall party…

  7. Yum! I am going to try this out next week!

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