Time Travel Tuesday ~ October 16th

This week Annie has requested us time travel tuesdayers to remember the following….Tell us the most adventurous thing you have ever done! What gave you the courage to do it or try it and how did you feel afterwards? timetravel-tuesday.png

Probably the most rewarding God led step that I have chosen to try is probably homeschooling my children. I had support from some of my friends, my dh, but not my family. Also, I was pregnant at the time with my 4th son. However, I took the leap of faith and have never looked back. Our family has been so blessed by the courage God has led me to educate my children at home. It rustles my feathers when I hear a mommy say “I could never do it!” Of course, you can! If you have the desire and let God lead the way ~ You are bound to excel. However, I don’t believe homeschooling is a perfect match for every family ~ circumstances are different in each family. I do feel so blessed that I am able to teach my children at home . Yes, we do have bad days, but I don’t dread waking up every morning. I look forward to each morning knowing it is another day to serve the Lord and train them up in God’s eyes. So, the Holy Spirit and my dh were are the biggest support that give me the courage to stay home with my children 24/7 and teach them the Word of God each day.

9 responses to “Time Travel Tuesday ~ October 16th

  1. What an adventure it must be! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! 🙂

  2. Homeschooling IS an adventure, isn’t it? I think because it’s so long-term, I don’t tend to think of it that way, but it sure is true.

    Every once in a while I freak myself out with the thought that *I* am responsible for educating these kids…what was I thinking???? lol

  3. I think you are right, Homeschooling can be one of the biggest adventures.. and can be so rewarding, If that is the path in life God has lead you down. Honestly following God down the path that he has for you in your life is always the best adventures.
    Great TTT

  4. My first thought as I was reading was “I could never do it.” You are right. We can accompomplish so much through Christ who strenthens us. I won’t be doing it here though. I enjoy my quiet time at home when the kids are at school too much. LOL

  5. Bless you, homeschooling is an adventure, but when God calls you to something, He will equip you. I am sure you already know this to be true… Blessings

  6. It must really take a big leap of faith! Wonderful that it’s such a great experience for your family. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is an amazing adventure Jill… See ya tomorrow… I hope :0).

    JOYfully in Him,

  8. We home schooled for four years when we lived in a place where we weren’t comfortable with the Christian schools nearby. You’re right, it is an adventure!

  9. Great adventure!!!

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