Faith Lift Friday ~ Oct 12th


This list stuck my heart this morning… My dh and I have struggled for many years on how many children we should have… We want as many as God will bless us with, but we had the lack of faith that society portrays. We listened to culture instead of our Father. Society wants the land, money, but not the children. Why is that???? My dh and I both had different fears. For my dh it was mainly that he is too old(41), and mine was more of the money thing. Also, I am a miserable pregnant person. Finally, we have agreed to let God be in control of our family. WOW!!! I admitted it! Of course, very few agree with us, including family members, but we must concentrate on living our life according to God’s will. It is not easy to be mocked for obeying what the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart, but He never said it was….

12 Steps to a Babyholic

1. First admit that you are a babyholic…you can’t live without the smell of those little downy heads and the feeling you get when gazing at those perfectly-formed, tiny toes.

2. Acknowledge a Power greater than yourself…the Almighty, three-in-one God, who created heaven and earth, and without Whose will not a hair can fall from our heads.

3. Realize that your life belongs to this sovereign God, and that apart from Him you can do nothing.

4. Take a realistic look at yourself and know that without salvation through Jesus Christ, you are dead in your trespasses and sins.

5. Confess to God and to yourself your lack of trust in His promises when you are tempted to refuse His blessings of children.

6. Be willing to accept God’s blessings.

7. Ask God to bless you and be prepared to receive those blessings.

8. Make a list of reasons why you would refuse to receive those blessings, compare it to the reasons people “choose” to get abortions, and repent of your selfishness and lack of faith.

9. Hug the children you already have, and, if necessary, repent before them of your wrong attitude about children.

10. Constantly evaluate your attitudes, and remind yourself that you are here to glorify God and lay up treasure in heaven.

11. Pray daily for God’s strength and wisdom.

12. Raise your children to glorify God, discipline them diligently and train them to continue this vision someday in their own families so that your godly seed will have a great impact on the world.

“The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But in our culture we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture.”–Doug Phillips

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2 responses to “Faith Lift Friday ~ Oct 12th

  1. I LOVE your 12 step program!! Would you mind if I copied it?


  2. Of course, go right ahead. You go babyholic!

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