Monday Meanderings



Last week, was a busy week. It went amazingly well. This week is busy, but nothing that the Lord can’t help me tackle. Tiany hosts MondayMeandering each week. See what others are accomplishing this week.

Bible/Devotion ~
I am going to start reading through Romans. My dh is reading a book, Paul, by Charles R. Swindoll. He wants me to read it when he is finished. So, I wanted to get a feel for what Paul says in Romans. Last week, I studied Romans 7 & 8.

Things I must do ~
make dr appt for Punkie

make a bullenting announcement

Take Doobie to speech

Homeschool Brunch/Nature Walk

Prepare Bat Unit Study ~ didn’t get to this week.

Ladies Night at Olive Garden ~ YUMMY!

Homeschool Pot Luck

Go to Pumpkin Patch

Homeschool Co-op

Go thru all the Fall clothes for Punkie and pack old. EEGGGG!!!


daily cleaning

Train “Em Up ~
This week memory verse is

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

We will be discussing how everything that happens is for God’s glory. Even in sad and difficult times. Also, how we can willingly offer ourselves to Him. This is a hard concept to teach children, yet adults.


Check out my earlier post. I am trying 5 new recipes.


5 responses to “Monday Meanderings

  1. Your week sounds great! I hope you get it all done. We would love to go to a pumpkin patch here but its still 90 degrees, just don’t feel right going to one like that. It cooled off for a few days then right back up the temp went!


  2. Good luck with your plans for the week. Hope you get it all done. I especially love the ladies night at Olive Garden!

  3. I am reading Romans on certain days, isn’t it good? Have a great week Jill.

    JOYfully in Him,

  4. What a fun week you have planned! I hope you have had a productive week thus far 🙂

    We are going to the Pumpkin Patch with our HS group next week, we cant wait!

    Oh and I love the Olive Garden it is the place my mother and I go to when we can sneak away for a meal together. 🙂

    Have a blessed rest of the week!


  5. Great menu plan and Monday Meanderings! Have fun at the Pumkin Patch!!

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