WFMW ~ No more lost bookmarks


This is new to me and I just love it! Have you ever bookmarked a link and can’t find it because your computer crashed, have too many bookmarks that are so disorganized, or simply can’t remember where you put it because your husband tends to move things around or deletes half your links to make room for his? Yea ~ I know, they never never admit it.

Anyways, fear no more!!!

You can now take advantage of this free site called Portaportal. You can organize all your bookmarks in an orderly fashion and even pick your color scheme to fit your fancy. Even better, you can share all your links with your friends if you chose. All they have to do is sign up under guest and enter your guest name.


Feel free to browse thru my links. Go under guest name and type tonsofsons.

For more WFMW go to rocksinmydryer.





7 responses to “WFMW ~ No more lost bookmarks

  1. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This sounds great, thanks for sharing the tip!

  3. What a blog… Saw your pic, and draws me here. 🙂 And find a popular site here.

    Well wishes.

  4. Our bookmarks are a mess. I’m surprised no one has come up with a better way to organize them before now. Thanks for the tip!!

    PS how was the pot roast? Ours was great!

  5. Excellent idea! Thanks! I hate losing bookmarks! Thanks for visiting my blog as part of WFMW.

    BTW, I will be hosting a month long book promotion/contest/charity event starting on Monday. Be sure to come check it out!

  6. Thanks for this great tip! I will definitley be looking at that, I always need more organization! 🙂



  7. Oh, wow! I will be going there for sure…if I can find the link for it that I just bookmarked from here! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

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