Thankful Thursday ~ 20

This week I am so very thankful for so many things ~ I can’t imagine why God has picked me to be His child when I continue to stumble……

I am thankful for ……


1) God’s Word ~ how comforting to know that we can go to His word when ever we want and the Holy Spirit has time for me. Yes, just plain old me!

2) My house ~ now granted it’s not a mansion or anything, but it fits our family to a T. I believe God has blessed us with this house to fellowship with others and spread His love.

3) A church family ~ a place you can always go and be safe and know that others truly love you.

4) How God always provides when needed. He ALWAYS finds a way.

5) Our Homeschool group is wonderful. So loving and welcoming…

6) My wonderful 5 sons ~ I honestly don’t understand how He thinks that I am suitable to raise 5 boys. Boys will be Boys! Funny, I only grew up with 1 sister.

7) My dh who works so hard to keep us safe, fed, and clothed while we have fun everyday doing school.

8) That God has put a strong desire in my heart to teach my boys His love and grace everyday along with the academics when I wake up. I don’t dread it like so many others do. This is a true blessing!

9) The blogging world is full of so many Christian woman who encourage me daily. Did I mention the blogging world is my social life. Sad, but true! (: I love you all!

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4 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ 20

  1. Bless your grateful heart dear one.

  2. Your list was a blessing to read! It really encouraged me. I feel ill-equipped to raise just the one son I have right now, but God knew what He was doing! Have a wonderful week!


  3. Such a beautiful tribute. Amen!

  4. This is a really heart felt list. Love visiting you. Have a blessed weekend.

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