I have been tagged…..

Amy over at Are we there yet has tagged me……


You know you are a bona fide homeschooler when…

a) Your dining room has a huge dry erase board instead of a gorgeous painting.

b) Every time you read to your child, each child must bring their dictionary.

c) Little House on the Prairie is hard core school.

d) You get a grade for how well you do your chores

e) Spelling Tests are done in the car.

f) Babysitting your siblings is considered home economics.

g) School outside is our classroom when the weather permits.

h) Walking outside to get the mail turns into a science lesson.

I) Each child has a clipboard with a sharpened pencil tied to it in the car.

j) You have a pencil sharpener in your car.

K) going to the grocery store covers all subjects for that day, math~ counting the squares on the tile floor, reading ~ all the cool cereal boxes that they only wished they could have, communications ~ explaining politely why they aren’t in school , money management ~ spending their one dollar wisely, PE ~ running up and down the aisles.

I am tagging Kelli.


2 responses to “I have been tagged…..

  1. I love this!

  2. I think I”ve got about half of those covered.
    I need a picnic table to handle the outside school, thing…or ant spray. I’m not sure which. *L*

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