What kind of Mother am I…..

I was visiting over at my friend/neighbor, Amy’s post today and decided to take the Mommy Test. My results are the following……

The “Executive” Mother

“My mind is always going. How can I fine-tune the system to everyone’s advantage?”

  • Competent and confident in a management role, the ENTJ mother organizes the needs and schedules of family members into a workable family system. Within the system, she provides her children with care-taking, direction, and limits, but she also gives them space to develop their own self-sufficiency and judgment.

  • Analytical and adept at problem-solving, the ENTJ mother listens to her children’s concerns empathetically and then strategizes with them how to improve the situation—either by intervening on their behalf or backing off to let them solve problems on their own. She particularly enjoys watching them take responsibility and accomplish something they find important on their own.

  • Intense and insightful, the ENTJ mother is cued in to her children’s intellectual and emotional development. She uses her quickness and communication skills to talk things through and help her children connect with people and better understand life.

What kind of Mommy are you? Leave me a comment after you have taken the test!


3 responses to “What kind of Mother am I…..

  1. Such a fun test! I’m an exec mom too!! Go figure.

    Cute blog. I love your title 😉

  2. I can relate to you on most of this, except that I have to ask my daughter what the date is because for some crazy reason I can’t keep it straight. I’ve always got the wrong Monday! I had one child to keep the chaos to a minimum!

    By the way, Good luck with all that water!

  3. I am the Kids R Fun mom. That last question totally pegged me. I had to laugh.

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