Thankful Thursday ~ Sept 6th


This week I have several things that I am so grateful for that God has blessed upon the undeserving me.

1) I am so grateful that my two year old wasn’t admitted to the hospital last Saturday and the he is the wild man he always was after a horrible virus. I never dreamed of wanting my rambunctious two year old to pull one of his disastrous stunts. LOL!

2) I am so grateful that we as a family have so many good christian friends that help us when we need them the most. Thank you, Denise and Mark. Your kindness has been such a blessing to us.

3) This is a biggie for me!!!!! THANK YOU, Lord for allowing the boys to sleep in and allowing me to wake up past 7 am for the last 5 days! Amen! I have always been forced to get up between 5 and 6 a. I love it!! Oh ~ Thank you, again, Lord!!!!

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3 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ Sept 6th

  1. HA! Two year olds…love them, which is why I am teaching them this year. And oh my gracious, one of your boys was almost 4…I love my boy, but I don’t have that kind of time. See, when he goes poo on himself at school, in the 3’s class, they don’t change them, so they just bring him to my room for me to change him…it’s just hard because I have 12 kids who usually need my attention. Thanks for your encouragement.

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  3. Hey my beautiful friend… her is my email addy that you requested:

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