WFMW~ clean car


Something so simple, makes my life so much brighter. I have 5 boys and you can imagine just how nasty my car bus can become in a matter of .25 of a mile from leaving the house. I keep a little trash can with trash bags from the dollar store in between the 2 front seats. Sometimes if I am lucky, I can find the scented trash bags at the Dollar Store. Every time we pull into the driveway, you must throw your trash in the trash can or you can’t get out of the car. And it gets pretty darn hot in the Lone Star State. LOL! When the bag is full, I dispose! Oh ~ I leave the roll of bags under the trash bag fitted around the trash can, so I always easily replace with a fresh clean bag.


This works for me….. See what works for others at Rocksinmydryer.


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