Betty Homemaker want-a-be


I have been wanting to make homemade baby food for Punkie. I have looked on the internet and even bought this book last week. The internet was a little overwhelming with just too much information ~ I need a quick easy read. The book I purchased had tons of recipes but had more ingredients than our family meals. So, I decided to just throw some boiled frozen carrots in the food processor with a little water. Put it in ice cube trays and froze it. Yesterday, I mixed it with a little oatmeal and served it for lunch. He loved it! And mommy felt like a better mom, assuring myself that I was providing a nutritional meal for my angel. (: So, last evening, I decided to be Betty Homemaker again. Stop laughing! First, I dropped the stupid food processor and spent about 30 min trying to make it work. Finally realizing it was TRASH! So, plan #2, I have a blender. I had a little bit of broccoli left over from dinner the night before so I purreed it and did the ice cube process. What a great way to use leftovers!!!! I must admit it was a beautiful green color. Then, I decided to make applesauce. I boiled the apples, and threw it in the blender with the water left-over from the pot. It came out perfect, too. Feeling on top of the world that I accomplished #101 on my 101 things to-do list, I was ready to serve Punkie his dinner. Early of course, he shouldn’t have to wait to eat this hearty concoction that I prepared. He adored the oatmeal with the applesauce. Well, he loved it so much, he wanted more. Wanting him to have a balanced diet, I served him the broccoli. He hated it! He was gagging! Betty Homemaker bubble was busted! ): I thought maybe it was the consistency ~ Nope! No Broccoli for my Punkie. But, he loved the homemade carrots and applesauce!!!! So, Betty Homemaker want-a-be didn’t completely fail. Right!!!!!



5 responses to “Betty Homemaker want-a-be

  1. amyswandering

    That’s how I feel about broccoli! I actually made 2 different kinds of homemade muffins this morning. I’m just waiting to hear, “These aren’t as good as the ones you usually make.” – usual being Martha White just-add-milk muffin mix. LOL

  2. I made homemade for “Pojke” after we lived some place where I could have a small garden. It does feel great!

    And, when you travel, a few of those “ice cubes” in a “ziplock” in an insulated lunch box and you’re ready to go. They’ll be defrosted by the time you need them and they keep other stuff cold like an ice pack! LOL

    A shortcut DaHubby stumbled onto…once they’re defrosted and mushy just clip the corner off the ziplock (think frosting bags) and you can “squeeze” the food out and feed Punkie like a little bird. It never worked for me but DaHubby and Pojke seriously bonded over it! LOL

  3. I think it is wonderful that you are making some of your own baby food! Too bad about dropping the food processor, but blenders will do fine.

    What did mothers do before processed baby food in jars? (Wish I had thought of that question when my girl was a baby!)

    Your baby is so cute!! I look like that if I eat brussel sprouts.

  4. We have five children and I don’t think I ever made their babyfood . . I now look back and wish that I had done a little bit.

  5. I made all of Grom’s baby food. was very helpful to me. I like the charts of what to feed at what age.

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