Thankful Thursday ~ August 23th



I was thinking about my post last week regarding my Thankful Thursday and I still have complete joy and are very thankful that Doobie has accepted Jesus as his savior. If you haven’t read my updated post, click here.

Today, I woke up feeling blessed that I am able to stay home and be the Godly example to my boys that I so much desire. God gives me the strength, wisdom, and the courage to be able to wake up and be enthusiastic about teaching my children God’s Word and all the academics that are required in this society today. There is something so special about practicing their oral reading with the bible each morning concurring with the bible lesson.

We have a numerous supply of curriculum that we use to teach the boys. Below are the links:

Our main curriculum

Math ~ first grader, Math ~ 4th grader, Math ~ 5th Grade




Language Arts ~ 4th grade

Writing ~ 4th/5th grade

First Oral Language ~ 1st grade

Phonics ~ Grade 1


We use some other things, too. But these are the main sources that we use daily.

To read more blessings from our King, seek Sting at my heart.



7 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ August 23th

  1. Thank you for sharing your list. I can only imagine that your heart would still be soaring that Doobie has accepted Jesus. And thank you for sharing the information about your homeschooling too. Have a blessed week ahead!!

  2. You do have alot to be thankful for, bless you.

  3. God Bless you and your children with a great year of learning.

  4. Glad you are being blessed by being able to stay at home with your kids.
    How cool to use the Bible as a text book.
    I guess it is just like the good ole days when they used it all the time.

  5. SO wonderful that you have the opportunity to instruct and be with your children – may He always be honored through your actions!

  6. Girl, I just want to praise God that you are raising 5 boys! That is an awesome calling. Thanks for sharing your Thankful Thursday.

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