WFMW ~ preschool


It’s another fun WorksForMeWednesday at Rocksinmydryer. I have to give a thumbs up for this entertaining educating DVD. It is called Letter Factory by Leapfrog. My two year old watches it daily and knows several of his letters and sounds. Not from mommy, but from watching this cute DVD that introduces all the letters and sounds. I recommend teaching your children the sounds of the letters first and then the names of the letters. I have taught it both ways and found that they learn the names on their own just by singing the ABC song. My 6 year old learned the sounds first and was starting to read before he identified all the names of the letters. You don’t need to identify the letter, but just the sound in order to read. This Leapfrog DVD works for my children.


9 responses to “WFMW ~ preschool

  1. We have that movie! My boys love it and the Math Cirus movie, too.

  2. That is a great movie. We started with the Leapster cartridge of it (reccomendation of pre-K teacher) and it was great! Then we got the movie for extra reinforcement! They all love it! along with the code word caper one too!

  3. I’m way past the pre-school stage but I love any great system that helps little ones start the reading adventure. Blessings…

  4. COOL! Just found one on Ebay and bid on it! Thanks!

  5. Also – I am a huge fan of the letter factor fridge phonics toy!

  6. I watched thiis movie (and another one like it, I think) this summer. My two youngest LOVED them. Cute story, fun songs and excellent opportunity to learn sounds and letters.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Our kids learned lots from these. They arrived in the US about 11 months ago, not knowing a word of English. They are both at grade-level now for reading; I give leapfrog videos and leappad toys much of the credit.

  8. i agree, it is a great video. my oldest loved it, thanks for reminding me to pull it out again for my almost-2-year-old!

  9. I’m back from 3 weeks ago. Just wanted to say thank you! We won this video on Ebay, received it about 10 days ago, and my 3 1/2 year old is now “addicted” (LOL): watching it 3 times daily and singing and dancing along with all the songs!

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