Weekend Reflection ~ August 17th



We had a very busy, exciting and blessed weekend that I just have to share with you.



Our weekend started early because my parents came to visit us. The boys are always so excited. They came around 2 or so. We visited with one another, had a yummy dinner together, and then we all played chicken foot in the evening.


We had so much fun! James and I celebrated our 11th anniversary late. We left at around 12:45 and didn’t come home until after 9PM. We left the boys home with my parents. First, we went to see Becoming Jane. The movie is a documentary of the author Jane Austen, of course, the flick took place in England. We loved it! Then we went to Half-Priced Books upon my request. I could spend hours easily there without any munch kins around. We each bought several books. I bought 4 Jane Austen novels and some other goodies, too. We had an early dinner at Blue Mesa. It was yummy! Then we browsed at Barnes & Noble while it poured. Then, my dh wanted to go back to Half Priced Books to try to find some business books that he was interested in at Barnes & Noble. Of course, I was thrilled. It was a prefect evening.


It was my Dad’s 65th b-day. We always celebrate with b-day cake for breakfast. Of course, we had to continue this tradition with Papa! Then we all met at the pool with my sister. In the evening my dear friend babysat all our boys while we went back into town for a divine dinner at Cafe Italia, one of my dad’s favorite places.


Zeke E Boy helping my Dad blow out his candle!


My parents


My mom, James, me, and my Dad



What a glorious day! Praise God! Read my earlier post.
Last evening we had fun at our Family Game Night at our church!


As you can see, we are so blessed beyond a doubt. We had such an eventful, busy, exceptional weekend. I give God all the glory! Visit Judy to see how other families have been blessed, too.


3 responses to “Weekend Reflection ~ August 17th

  1. What a wonderful week! How fun is birthday cake for breakfast! Happy Birthday to your dad. I’ve been wanting to see Becoming Jane. I love all the Pride & Prejudice movies, and I just won a collection of some of her stories at another blog! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hey! Loved hearing about your week! and seeing the pictures of your family. I wanted to let you know that I have something waiting for you at my blog…

    Joyfully in HIm,

  3. What a great week. I am glad you came to visit me. Its nice to know you have the same terrible two’s in your house. What a lovely week you had.

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