Doodle Bug was baptized

We had such a glorious day yesterday when Doodle Bug, our second oldest son, accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. We celebrated afterwards going out to eat for lunch at Double Dave’s upon Doodle Bugs request.

Here are some ideas that our minister, Marq, suggested that we do to help keep the memory alive of this exciting, spiritual decision that Doodle Bug made regarding his eternal life.

(1) Give him a new white shirt to symbolize the fresh and clean new life.

(2) Have him write a letter to God explaining his thoughts and feelings about the experience.

(3) Give him a baptismal certificate.

(4) Hold a special meal in his honor. It is important to celebrate the occasion.


Please praise God that we as a family were able to experience this wonderful occasion.


7 responses to “Doodle Bug was baptized

  1. What a special day it was! As the romancer in the family, dad had trouble maintaining composure with the honor and sheer joy.

  2. Yeah! That is so awesome! Praise God!

  3. Oh, my! How very special.
    I love that dad got to do the dunkin’! I remember when My dad baptized me. It was a memory forever to keep in my heart.

    And then the other part of me loves the little girl resting her hand on her chin at the end of the baptismal…or dunk tank if my spelling is wrong. It looks wrong. *L*

    Congrats to Doodle Bug!

  4. I was curious as to what religon you guys are. I don’t know many churches that bapitze by immersion. How old is Doodle bug?

  5. THat is so special. Our (almost) 11 year old is getting baptized next Wednesday. I love it because we do it right in the lake…and it is COLD, so you really have to want to! He is super excited…and my dad is our pastor and will be baptizing him, that makes it extra special!

  6. Definitely a blessed, special day! Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

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