Great read!

I must admit, I just love to escape into a wonderful book. This is my most favorite relaxing activity besides a bath. However, one can’t take a bath every time one needs a break or you will eventually turn into a dried prune. LOL!

I rarely read fiction, not because I don’t enjoy them, but simply because there are so many spiritual, homeschool, parenting books that I want to indulge in before my years as a parent/homeschooling mommy are relinquished. But, last week at Keno, I won 2 books by Janette Oke. I thought that they were the first two in the series, but they were the last 2. I finished the the 5th in the series, Beyond the Gathering Storm this morning. It was a quick easy to read historical fiction. I was reminded that we can pray, but we must listen to the Holy Spirit when he talks to us.

I can’t wait to enjoy all the rest of the books in this Canadian West series.


2 responses to “Great read!

  1. Hey, I visited you during the Back to Homeschool Week and then just noticed you in the list of blogs on Support4Homeschoolers. So I’m back! Nice to see you in two places!

  2. Oh, wow!!
    I didn’t know there were more in that series. I really enjoyed them when I was a young adult. They are fantastic books! Thanks for posting this…I may have to check them out for our upcoming Holiday trip.

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