Thankful Thursday ~ August 16th



I decided to start participating in Thankful Thursdays to help me truly remember how blessed and how favored I am in the Lord’s eyes. He overflows me with blessings each day.

This week I have one specific blessing that God has bestowed upon my heart that I just have to tell the world about. No, I ‘m not shy! LOL!

Thankfully, Doodle Bug has decided to be baptized in Christ after many months of seeking, asking, and praying for guidance in this life changing spiritual renewal. He is so excited and just can’t wait until Sunday. He has requested that my parents attend. I have been discussing in general God’s Grace in our daily devotion in the book, Devotions for the Children’s Hour . This is such a wonderful little book that has blessed our family immensely. But, my dh has been spending time with him every night this week studying and praying with Doodle Bug about the true meaning behind baptism. My son truly gets it! Amen!

So, on Monday, seek my blog for some pics of this blessed day that awaits us.



6 responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ August 16th

  1. Joy! Baptisms are my favorite. Blessings on your little one’s decision…

  2. Praise God, that is so wonderful!

  3. That is precious! I remember praying with our girls! Baptism is such a wonderful step towards God! It will be an awesome weekend!
    Bless you! Thanks for sharing this great news!

  4. A very precious time! I’m excited for him. Have an awesome weekend. Blessings.

  5. Welcome to TT!! Yea, for your son. I have one more to go (to be baptised). Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a blessing! All of my DC (well not my toddler) have been baptized. It is such a blessing to see the Lord work in their hearts and cause them to want to be closer. What a beautiful TT list.

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