8 random things about our marriage…

This is a tag, and guess what? Your it! I was tagged by Annie. And I just tagged you. You must post on your blog ~ 8 random things about your marriage.

Here is 8 weird, silly, romantic things or what have you about our marriage/relationship…

1. We love to rub each others back.

2. We met on a blind date.

3. We both fold towels the same way ~ that was a “must’ criteria for me .

4. We had a 2 week engagement and got married at the JP>

5. My dh always, always kisses me before he leaves each morning.

6. James is by far the romancer in our marriage

7. My dh wants to do his own laundry! I’m not complaining!!! (:

8. We were baptized together in Christ in1999. How awesome is that????? I still remember the evening like it was yesterday.
So, like I mentioned before you are it! So, start sharing! Leave me a comment, so I can be nosy with your permission, of course.

2 responses to “8 random things about our marriage…

  1. Love your random facts!
    Made me remember one more… Matt tells me “I love you” at the end of every conversation we have on the phone. even if it is just a quick call.
    I love that you were baptized together. How perfect.

  2. the folding of towels the same way is cute… and sometimes – in the long run- the partners get to think alike on many things too..with losing identity. Like your list

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