Homeschool Week ~ Friday


Randi request today is that we discuss one of my favorite topics “What curriculum do you use?” Maybe it would be easier to say, what don’t we use. We mainly use mostly the classical/Charlotte Mason approach with some workbooks but mainly for my 1st grader.I will be teaching 5th, 6th, 1st, and a 3 year old this year. My goal for my 4 & 5th grader is for them to learn to self-teach. We started our new school year in June. I don’t always go in order of the curriculum and we don’t always complete everything that is suggested.



4th/5th grade curriculum


Hearts of Dokota ~ main curriclum

Horizon Math 4th grade

Saxon Math 6/5




Rod & Staff English4 – orally

Grammar Songs

Grammar Bingo

Prudence with the Millers

computer games

How to Draw 1



1st grade

Hearts of Dokota ~ main curriculum

Abeka reading/phonics

Singapore Math 1 a&b

addition/subtraction bingo


A Reason for Handwriting

First Language Lessons

computer games

lots of games


Almost 3 year old

Letter of the Week

About Three

Rhyme and Color

Abeka art projects2


As a group

Devotions for the Children Hour

Nature study Notebook

Handbook of Nature

Study of Beethoven

Study of Haydn

study of Michael Angelo ~ picture books from library

Drawing with children

As you can see, we use a little of that, and some of this. No set schedule ~ whatever we feel like learning that day. OH ~ the joys of homeschooling!!!






5 responses to “Homeschool Week ~ Friday

  1. Just wanted to say I will be visiting your blog again.

  2. Wow, you have a wealth of resources in your list there. I love the Drawing with Children book. I just never had the discipline to go through it with my kids. I still look at it every year and think, we should work on that this year.

  3. THANK YOU! For listing the link for reason for writing.
    I’m very curious about it. We’ve had many tears from Mini-Me over our ABeka writing program. They pack A LOT into one work sheet. and we have to do one per day if we want to stay current – so I think she’s behind in her cursive. Despite explaining that it will help her write faster. She really doesn’t see the point of it all. *L*

    If we still have problems, I may take her to this program. So thank you again!!

  4. You know what one of my favorite handwriting books has been? Draw Write Now. My daughter, who loves to draw, begs to do her handwriting although she hates handwriting.

  5. amyswandering

    Now that I’ve gotten a peek at them, you’ve just GOT to post your links!

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