Homeschool week ~ Thursday



Today over at I have to say.., the topic is “If only I would have known..”

Ouch, this one hurts! I can’t stress this enough!!! Get the public school grade level thing out of your head! It is one of the hardest thing that I have had to overcome in my homeschool experience. Do not push your child when he/she isn’t ready. It will back fire on you, create tons of tears, and will make you and your child jump off a cliff. My ds was not ready to read or learn his times table at the desired public school grade level. So, I pushed and pushed! And pushed some more. It took us 2 years to learn the x’s table , one day it just clicked. He learned division in an hour. I wished I would have spent more time on his gifted talents during those 2 long years of drilling times table. Concentrate on their strengths, the rest will come when God is ready for them to accomplish that specific goal. God made us all different and we all learn at different rates.



5 responses to “Homeschool week ~ Thursday

  1. I always think about the fact that we are all so different and wonder how schools manage it. Oh that’s right, they label them.

  2. This is fantastic advice!!
    I got quite the chuckle out of your comment on my post. I do, indeed, read & write. I often do it correctly. Not only that, I can communicate with other people who are not in my age group!!! *GASP*
    You have very sage advice here. Thank you!!

  3. It is nice when they are home and they need a little more time on something they don’t feel bad that they are the one not getting it and everyone else does…OR if they do get something right away, you move them on quicker. So nice.


  4. Amen, now if only the grade levels just didn’t mean anything to my son. lol.

  5. We’re not allowed homeschooling here, and it’s such a loss for the children.

    The pressure put on them, the tears, the loss of self confidence, just because they can’t keep up.

    To get them at level at school I had to fight to get the proper support, and in addition I’ve spend so many hours going with them through all those subjects.

    Tomorrow it’ll start again. Ugh.

    My children aren’t stupid. Two of them are severely dyslectic, so they struggle with everything that’s written.
    The teacher writes the plan for the day on the blackboard.
    Etc etc.

    If I ever get the chance to unschool them, I will.

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