100 things about me….

Golly, this 100 post thing slipped up on me.  So, here it is, 100 things about me ~ all my dirty laundry that you have been dying to know.  Hee hee!

1.  I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ
2.  Was brought up Catholic
3.  Attended a Catholic school up until the end of 4th grade
4.  Was baptized again along with my hubbie as an adult
5.  My loving parents are still married to one another (:
6.   I have one younger sister
7.   She is much prettier than me
8.   I was born in New Jersey
9.   Moved to Connecticut when I was one
10.  Moved to Texas when I was 9.
11.  Always had a lot of friends
12.  I am so not affectionate
13.  But I am working on it
14.  My dh is the love of my wife
15.  We have 5 boys
16.  Because he is the romancer in our marriage
17.  We desire more children
18.  But I despise being pregnant
19.  I am a terrible pregnant person
20.  Who gets bigger than a barn
21.  I met my dh on a blind date
22.  His brother set us up
23.  When we met, I worked at a nursing home
24.  I was an activity director for the elderly
25.  Later became the Human Resource person
26.  My first job after graduating from Stephen F.  Austin
27.  Was arresting shop- lifters at Foley’s department store
28.  I was a part time juvenile detention officer
29.  I have a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology
30.  When my first son was born in 1997
31.  I had such joy that I can’t describe
32.  I have a special relationship with each on of my sons
33.  My husband is the one who wants a daughter
34.  I am still nursing my 6 month old
35.  I love my life
36.  I feel very blessed having a loving family
37.  I love to be organized
38.  I make my bed everyday
39.  I can’t stand clutter
40.  I love champagne
41.  I love iced cold beer with lime and salt
42.  If I drink one, I have to take a nap
43.  So, I rarely drink alcohol
44.  Could care less if we had a TV
45.  I love to read
46.  I want to instill that in my boys
47.  I hate being overweight
48.  I love to go to the movies
49.  But rarely do
50.  I love netfilx’s
51.  I love praise and worship music
52.  I really only drink
53.  Coffee in the morning
54.  Water all day long
55.  But love hot tea in the Winter
56.  I love Fall
57.  I love to decorate my house with Fall décor
58.  We got married at the JP
59.  I love the beach
60.  I was a life guard in my younger days
61.  I loved being a sun-goddess
62.  but I am as white as a ghost now
63.  I would love to have a pool.
64.  I love to take a bath
65.  My dh likes to buy me bath stuff
66.  I love blankets, too.
67.  I love all my notebooks ~ binder queen
68.  My favorite one is my Christmas one
69.  I am horrible at filing my fingernails
70.  I have my hair long
71.  Because getting my haircut is too much trouble
72.  I love woman’s bible studies
73.  I play Keno once a month
74.  I love to make new casseroles
75.  I love sweets
76  but can’t stand sweet tea
77.  I love the outdoors
78.  I love picnics
79.  I love to home school my boys
80.  I rather buy a book then anything else
81.  I love my devotional time each morning
82.  My day isn’t the same without it.
83.  I do 3-4 loads a laundry at least 5 days a week
84.  I am a budget shopper
85.  I am T-shirt/ jeans kind of gal
86.  Don’t really like skirts or dresses
87.  I love flip flops
88.  My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing
89.  Which I would never allow my boys to watch it
90.  I love my wedding ring
91.  I love our bedroom with my new quilt
92.  My kitchen is decorated in roosters
93.  We have the Texas theme going on in our home
94.  I love to play games
95.  Atari is still so cool!
96.  I paint my toenails every Sunday
97.  I wax my eyebrows every Sunday morning
98.  My dh is my best friend
99.  I rather be home
100.  I just love to blog!

So, that is me in a nutshell ~ Please leave me a comment if you have a 100 list.  With 5 boys at home all day, you bloggers are my dear buddies.  I desire to have bloggy friends.



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