Homeschool week ~ Wednesday


Today’s topic is “getting out there….” On of the most beneficial aspects of homeschooling is actually getting out there in the real world with your children. Teaching them common courtesy to others, how to maintain within your budget when shopping, and just being in awe of God’s creation is just a very few perks that we take advantage of when we go outside the home.

This year, I plan on being much more involved with our homeschool group. Our homeschool group is very active and offers activities almost daily. Of course, we only pick the ones that meet our families needs. One of the things that we are excited about this school year is the much needed co-op that we are trying to bring together. I believe this will truly be a blessing to many.

We just love to take advantage of God’s wonderful, beautiful earth that so many times we take for granted. I encourage my boys to maintain a nature notebook. We love nature studies. We don’t have a set schedule for studying nature, but just do it when we see something of interest. Check out, my friend, Amy’s post on several different nature notebook pages. Also, Cindy Rushton offers a truly wonderful book on how to get started on nature notebooking. What better why to really know God?


I plan on reading all the homeschool’s mommies post at I have to say, but time is an issue with 5 boys. LOL! So, please know that I enjoy all your input on this wonderful blessing of homeschool and will eventually get to your post, hopefully, before my 6 month old graduates. LOL!


4 responses to “Homeschool week ~ Wednesday

  1. I am still up in the air about joining a homeschool group. I’ve done it in the past but things never worked right (My fault, I don’t push myself hard enough). I think between you and the other posts I am reading that I need to “Just do it” though.

  2. Your homeschool group sounds very organized and big! It is such a blessing to have choices like that!

  3. Wow! I homeschool group that has stuff every day. How lucky. Ours are very spread out and some meet once a month, other’s once a week. But I don’t know of any that meet more often.

    Blessings on your day.

  4. I had to comment on your spider post, but had to do it down here because I can’t even look at it! We used to have them, but Orkin comes once a month not. Bye-Bye spidies. Good think I have boys.

    I agree with life experiences such as shopping being a good way to get out there and just learn about every day things that are so important. Every other Friday we do a big grocery shopping (our closest Wal-Mart etc is 50 miles). The boys come along. I give them money they have to budget to get what they need. It is a good time to learn patience too. (For me as well as for them!)

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