Homeschool Week ~ Tuesday


Today’s topic is “How do you homeschool?”

What a broad question!! I can’t wait to read everyones post at I have to say about their approaches. First, by the Grace of God is how I wake up each morning ready to teach my munchkins. I would go insane without my daily devotion. The Lord lifts me up each day and gives me the energy to keep going when my darling boys rather watch TV instead of participating in the fun-filled day that I have planned. Oh but ~ that rarely happens. LOL!

We have been a pretty strict homeschool family in the past 3 years. Meaning we get to the books by8:30 every morning. We would go by our neatly organized schedule that Mommy has put together. However, I am zealously seeking to change my ridicules scheduling habits due to the insanity that it causes my boys and I. I have taken the joy out of homeschooling. So, this year, I just write their assignments on a dry erase board each morning. They are to complete their assignments each day before any extracurricular activities take place. Oh ~ I only teach in the AM, so if you need help you better ask me before lunch time. This gives the boys some sort of self-discipline while maintaining flexibility. I have in the past written out lesson plans each week, and then would not chose to participate in something fun outside field trip or fail to take the time to enjoy some extraordinary piece of nature that God put in our path. What a disservice that I have provided to my curious boys. There is nothing wrong with being organized or planning, but when it controls you, there is a problem. Trust me! I have been guilty of this and it has had a terrible impact on my entire family. This year, I have written out goals for each child that I feel I want them to accomplish in this given school year. Every so many months, I will peek into my homeshool binder to see if we are on track. If needed, I will revise the goals. My goal this year is for my children to really enjoy the gift of learning and to continue to grow with the Lord and as a strong Godly family.

Also, I want to participate in more field trips and just be more involved with other homeschool families that actually enjoy homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong, we love our homeschool but we want to take advantage of the blessing homeschool offers.




4 responses to “Homeschool Week ~ Tuesday

  1. amyswandering

    ><I’m giving you a standing ovation! I came over here first thing just to see what you had posted :o) I’m excited to see where this is all going to lead you this year. I’m actually sooo organized this year – maybe we are rubbing off on each other! Our schooling styles are starting to look very similar-maybe we’ll just trade off days. LOL

  2. amyswandering

    Alright Miss Smartypants – most of those links came off of Coolbus! LOL

  3. I came across here from I want to say. The title of your blog got my attention. I am having to learn so much in this, our 4th, year of homeschooling! I may have to come back and check out what you write when you get busy with schooling!

    Thank you!!

  4. I was just reading over here when I got your comment on my blog. Funny.

    I have never experienced being controlled by organization. I have quite the opposite problem. How about I give you a little bit of my easy going laid back style (It’s only easy going on the outside, inside it creates quite a bit of angst) and you give me a little bit of your discipline and organization? If we met somewhere in the middle it would be just about perfect, don’tcha think? lol

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