Homeschool Week ~ Monday


This week at I have to say is hosting back to homeschool week. Each day during this week, there will be a different topic discussed of the lives of many homeschoolers. I hope that you will find some encouraging information and ideas to strengthen your homeschool journey. Please feel free to browse through a few or all of the posts if you are a homeschool mommy, considering taking up the challenge of just want to know why on earth we insane mommies chose to stay at home and educate our blessings.



***Today’s topic is “What led to your decision to homeschool?”


To be honest, we decided to educate our oldest son at home, at the time, going into 2nd grade,when he was diagnosed with a mild learning disability. The school district where he was tested was unable to identify the disability but was willing to give him extra time to complete his work in a resource center one hour per week or as needed. We felt uncomfortable with their plan of action. We wanted him to learn how to overcome his disability.

To make a long story short, after three years, our oldest was diagnosed with ADD. I suggested this when he was at public school but apparently he passed the screening and no further testing was implicated. After doing tons of research and shedding many tears on my ds’s and my behalft, we discussed the ADD issue with his pediatrician who did a screen. Sure enough, he is ADD but is a very quiet type. He is now on the lowest dose of medication that is available and is making wonderful progress. If only we would have known…. years ago. But we just have to look forward. My goal over the last three years was to increase his self confidence and find the joy of learning.


Now today if you were to ask me why we choose to educate my 5 sons at home, I would have to answer because it is God’s will for my children. I thank God each day that I am able to spend time teaching my sons God’s Word when I wake up, during the day, and when we go to sleep. My hearts desire is to obey God’s command Deut 6:1-7.

My job is to teach my children to love God will all their hearts. If I have accomplished this each day, I have had a blessed day. Of course, academics is highly important and stressed in our houseshold, but training our boys to live for God’s glory is our #1 priority.

For more information on our homeschool journey read Climbing the Mountain.



3 responses to “Homeschool Week ~ Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. That is why parental involvement is so important to a child’s educational success. In most cases, it supports the child in the public school system. But when it is needed, an involved parent will make the decision to whatever is necessary, including the insane thing like homeschooling. At least that is my stance. : )

    It is interesting how the reasons change after starting, though!

  3. I so relate to what you said about the academics and living for God’s glory. They are both important. Of course discipleship is priority, training them and teaching them in the ways of Lord is #1. But academics is high on the list after that. That’s the place I’m coming to. I can’t homeschool if I’m not at ‘home’, and my children won’t learn what they need to if they’re allowed to play all of the time. There needs to be balance. Anyway…..just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post and I wholeheartedly agree! : ) Blessings to you!!

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